• Nature's Natural Anti-Viral Supplement

    Nature's Natural Anti-Viral Supplement

    Raisin Tree™ - What it is “Traditional and Complementary Medicine is an important and often underestimated health resource with many applications, especially in the prevention and management of lifestyle-related chronic diseases, and in meeting the health needs of ageing populations. Given the unique health challenges of the 21st century, interest in Traditional and Complementary Medicine is undergoing a revival. Traditional Medicine and Complementary and...
  • Raisin Tree™ – The Natural Supplement for Liver Health

    Raisin Tree™ – The Natural Supplement for Liver Health

    DHM is frequently used in traditional Japanese, Chinese, and Korean medicines as a treatment for general liver health, liver diseases, fever, parasitic infections and as a hangover treatment. The main active ingredient in Raisin Tree™ is Dihydromyricetin, or DHM for short. It is extracted naturally from the Oriental or Japanese Raisin Tree. Several studies have shown that DHM may contribute to liver health and...
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