Raisin Tree™ is Dihydromyricetine (DHM) from the Hovenia Dulcis tree

Raisin Tree Raisin Tree

Discovering Raisin Tree™

Widely known as the 'Celebration Supplement', the Hovenia Dulcis (the Raisin Tree) extract has traditionally been used for many hundreds of years as a proven intoxication inhibitor and liver support. Today, modern research reveals that as a primary supplement, Raisin Tree™ capsules provide so much more.


Supplements are most effective when they are made from pure unmodified plant extracts. Importantly, it is for this reason that we never dilute our product by adding other ingredients or elements. Raisin Tree™ is a 100% pure concentrated source of Dihydromyricetin (DHM) extract from the Hovenia Dulcis tree. The high strength and pure intrinsic value of our product means you have no need to buy preparations and compounds with those ‘extra’ additives or be concerned about adverse interactions from a multitude of other supplement ingredients.

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