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Raisin Tree™ contains four bioactive flavonoids (Dihydromyricetin (DHM), also known as Ampelopsin, Taxifolin, Myricetin and Quercetin). Flavonoids provide health giving benefits and have been used by physicians of traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Today, eminent researchers are discovering for themselves that Hovenia Dulcis extract supports our health and wellbeing in several ways. We encourage you to check out and understand the numerous benefits of Raisin Tree™ DHM for yourself. Raisin Tree™ is not just a supplement.

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Raisin Tree™ is available worldwide and strictly adheres to each country’s regulations regarding advertising and recommended use. DHM is not licenced as a ‘medicinal’ product in all countries, and it cannot be advertised as a treatment for ‘medical’ conditions in those territories. You are advised to check with your doctor if you choose to treat an illness, injury, or impairment with a supplement that is not listed as 'medicinal' in your own country. It remains your decision regarding what procedure you choose to relieve or support any health condition.

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Supplements are most effective when they are made from pure unmodified plant extracts. Importantly, it is for this reason that we never dilute our product by adding secondary low cost fillers, vitamins, or minerals. Raisin Tree™ is a 100% pure concentrated source of Dihydromyricetin (DHM). The high strength and pure intrinsic value of our product means you have no need to buy preparations and compounds with those ‘extra’ additives or be concerned about adverse interactions from a multitude of other supplement ingredients.

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